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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Dick Van Dyke Show

Ron and Brigid got me a terrific gift for Christmas this year: The Dick Van Dyke Show — The Complete Series. This 25-DVD set includes all five seasons of the show, of course, but it also includes a ton of extra stuff, including episodes of other TV shows that featured characters and/or actors from the show.

This is my favorite TV show of all time. The writing, the ensemble cast, and the humor were all excellent and set a standard that few sitcoms have been able to match. Even though I've seen most (or maybe all) of the episodes and know what's coming, I still find them hilarious.

One of the things I'm enjoying the most about watching all these shows is also watching Brigid's reaction to them. She's seen several episodes on Nick at Night or TV Land here and there over the years, but most of the episodes are new to her. I love seeing her laugh at shows that made me laugh when I was a kid! The humor holds up well.

We watch two to four episodes at a time and so far we're only up to disc 3, so we still have a lot of watching left to do.


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