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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

This Is Supposed to Be about Something Else!

I recently finished making a shrug/sweater, and I have a post all about it ready to add here whenever we get one small problem taken care of.

A week or so ago Ron decided the time had come for his Annual Nuke the Computer and Reinstall Windows Event. In general, this is no big deal—well, other than the work involved in backing up all his files and then reinstalling everything afterward. And it would definitely be no big deal for me other than listening to him grumble through the process, which usually just makes me decide I can wait a few months longer before I hold my own Annual Nuke My Computer and Reinstall Windows Event.

But this year was different and has affected me adversely. We got a Kodak digital camera last year, and for some reason we'd installed the camera software only on his computer. I guess I was just too lazy to install it on mine. Anyway, after Ron finished reinstalling and updating Windows and was ready to install all his other software, I asked him to install the camera software so I could get my pictures I'd taken recently.

He tried, but the software wouldn't install. Hmm, perhaps he had some problem induced by his Annual Nuke Event, so while he worked on tweaking his system some more, I decided to install the software on my computer, which should be a piece of cake since I hadn't been messing with my system. But the software wouldn't install on my computer either!

This all happened over the weekend, and a trip to Kodak's Web site resulted in no help at all. But when I went there this morning to find their customer support phone number, Kodak had posted a message explaining the problem. Apparently the most recent Windows security update won't allow the camera software to install, and now Kodak is working to update their installation software Real Soon Now. Well, at least this is now a known problem rather than a mystery problem, but it's still a pain in the butt—and one more reason to hate Microsoft.

If Ron had postponed his Annual Nuke Event a bit longer, we'd still have the camera software on his computer. Or if I hadn't been too lazy to install the software way back when, we'd have it on mine. But instead, my pictures of my latest crochet work are languishing in the camera, unattainable. Sigh.


Anonymous Ron said:

We have such difficult lives.

Saturday, April 23, 2005 6:12:00 PM 
Blogger Rebecca said:

I really hate Microsoft, too. I use as much non-MS stuff as I can (Mozilla browser, Thunderbird email, Sunbird calendar) and pretty much anything else I can find.

Thursday, April 28, 2005 12:06:00 AM 

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