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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Progress on My Afghan

I'm recovering well from my surgery, but I still can't drive yet. I can't comfortably raise my head enough yet to be a safe driver. However, my range of motion is improving a little bit each day, and I hope to be able to drive in a few days. For the time being, though, I'm stuck at home all day with nothing to do but surf the Internet, watch TV, and crochet.

After a week at home now, I can say with great certainty: Daytime TV sucks. I enjoy Ellen, the Ellen DeGeneres show. And of course, Oprah. But beyond that is a mishmash of just plain boring stuff. I'll be glad to escape and get back to my regular schedule when I can drive again.

I'm getting a good amount of crocheting done while I watch TV though. I'm making the "Great for Your Guy Afghan," which you can read about here. I'm about a quarter of the way finished with this one. When I get back to my regular schedule, I expect my work on the afghan to slow down somewhat, but I've made a great start on it.

Normally when I've made this pattern before I've used a pair of yarns with a higher contrast — dark plum with light gray, or dark brown with light brown. The Red Heart Super Saver in linen and aran I'm using this time make a more subtle contrast, but I love how it's turning out.

I like this pattern quite a bit. It looks sophisticated and complicated, but it's actually not too difficult to do. This pattern is the one where I learned how to do color changes in a way to avoid having thousands of ends to weave in. Each color is used for two rows, and instead of cutting the yarn and attaching the new color, you just drop the one color and pick up the other one. You carry the yarn along the side, where it will be covered by the border at the end. As you can see in the photos, it makes a rather neat edge that won't be hard to cover.

You do have to pay attention to the two skeins of yarn attached at once. They have a tendency to tangle if you don't rearrange them after each row. But I'd much rather move a couple of skeins of yarn every row than have a billion ends to weave in.

Have I mentioned how much I hate weaving in ends?


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